Top US Off-Road 威廉希尔真人百家乐Destinations

Don't get bogged down with all the details.See our recommendations for some of the best places in the US to go mudding or off-road driving with an ATV,4x4 truck or tricked-out rig.

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Hollister Hills SVRA (Hollister,California)

Hollister Hills SVRA (State Vehicular Recreation Area) has 24 miles of trails,包括一条以泥沼为特征的人造障碍水道,which attracts big crowds on the weekends.Located in the mountains dividing the city of Hollister from the Salinas Valley,many of the routes at this off-road course are impassable when wet -- and always a challenge.


摩押在犹他州东南部,is an iconic off-roading destination in the US.地形一直是越野车的战场,山地自行车手,远足者和椽子——如此之多以至于一些小径被完全或部分封闭,禁止越野车通行。然而,there's plenty of space for 4x4 trucks and other modified off-road rigs.该地区提供有导游的小道旅游和吉普车租赁服务。State resident or non-resident Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) permits are required.

The Cliffs Insane Terrain Off-Road Park (Marseilles,Illinois)

Looking for muddy fun?Head to Marseilles,IL,where off-road enthusiasts converge on The Cliffs Insane Terrain Off-Road Park.This heavily wooded park features large fields,creeks and 1 treacherous mud hole -- you'll have to ask park personnel where it is.只有几句智慧的话:小心伪装成容易泥水坑的深坑。

Whipsaw Trail (South-Central British Columbia)

Close to Coalmont,Princeton,在不列颠哥伦比亚省,the Whipsaw Trail should be on your list to visit between July and August,when the rainfall is lowest.Winner of the BFGoodrich Outstanding Trails award,这条小径是一条活跃的采矿和伐木道路,so watch out for traffic!Some areas of the trail are challenging and may require a winch and tow strap if your 4x4 or rig gets stuck.

Redneck Yacht Club (Punta Gorda,佛罗里达州)

Welcome to the Redneck Yacht Club Mud Park in Punta Gorda,佛罗里达州这是泥和越野爱好者的终极目的地。The 800-acre park has 3 mud holes,a mud track,drive-thru buggy/ATV wash,露营,food vendors and much more.The Redneck Yacht Club has 4 mud holes to choose from depending on your riding preferences,including Hog Waller and Gator Slough.

Shiloh Ridge (Alto,德克萨斯)

它被称为德克萨斯州第一个原始的越野公园。希洛岭是德州红领运动会的主场,为期4天的活动,包括泥泞,露营,live entertainment,湿T恤比赛等等!Located north of Alto,TXthis park -- open 24 hours a day,7 days a week -- welcomes owners of ORV (off-road vehicles),ATVs and motorcycles.

Azusa Canyon (Azusa,California)

这是南加州唯一的国有和经营的泥浆麦加。由圣盖博河喂养,这里的沼泽很深,周围圣加布里埃尔山脉的淤泥,让它成为一个完美的泥点。In order to get in,your rig should be legal to drive on the street.


位于Mt.MorrisMI(弗林特附近))土丘是一个大型复杂的软土,sandy soil and small- to medium-sized ponds scattered throughout the park.不推荐高马力;装备33英寸泥胎和防水电子设备就足够了。

Truck Night at Yankee Lake (Brookfield,俄亥俄)

准备在美国最具挑战性的沼泽地上路。在Brookfield,OH,Truck Night at Yankee Lake attracts huge crowds who want to watch high-horsepower trucks compete in gritty mud pits with fun activities like the rock crawl,log climb,car crush and tug o' war.卡车之夜是从五月到九月的星期五晚上。我们建议越野爱好者来看看赛季的开场白,卡车失控了。