10 Family-Friendly Attractions to Visit in Vancouver

Whether you have a day in town before a cruise or you are staying a week, Vancouver is packed with family fun. Here are our favorite, must-see attractions, from iconic totem poles to a world-class aquarium.

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Photo By: Tourism Vancouver

Photo By: Tourism Vancouver

Photo By: Tourism Vancouver

Photo By: Tourism Vancouver

Photo By: Rachael A. Jones

Photo By: Rachael A. Jones

Photo By: Tourism Vancouver

Photo By: Hubert Kang

Photo By: Rachael A. Jones

Photo By: Tourism Vancouver

Go Whale Watching

温哥华通常与多亏了2010年冬奥会冬季运动相关,但有超过这个太平洋西北城区仅有鲜粉。如今,越来越多的邮轮都选择温哥华(超过美国的城镇,如西雅图)对口岸阿拉斯加班次抽穗前。如果你访问温哥华,并找事情做,你不能出错,这些选秀权。有的甚至几分钟的邮轮码头了!一位在太平洋西北地区最具标志性的遗愿清单活动是赏鲸和温哥华是通往逆戟鲸的踪迹。(虽然他们并不是真正的鲸所有,只是真正的大海豚。)克鲁斯萨利希海用双关语,tasticPrince of Whales Whale Watchingfor a chance to see transient orcas, harbor seals, eagles and more wildlife. Even in the summer it can get chilly on the water, but the crew provides complimentary beanies, gloves and hot chocolate to keep you warm and toasty.

Explore Grouse Mountain

你可能还记得格劳斯山从2010年冬季奥运会,但这座山比滑雪这么多。在绿色的季节(5- 10月)门票包括山的灰熊栖息地,伐木工人表演和Skyride缆车壮丽景色温哥华和不列颠哥伦比亚省的。


如果你只有一两个小时在温哥华登上邮轮之前,你很幸运。加拿大广场,温哥华主要的游轮码头,在城里最酷景点的房子之一:FlyOver Canada。It’s just like the Soarin’ flight simulator at Disneyland and Walt Disney World, but instead of soaring around the world, you soar over Canada. Tour the entire country from coast to coast in just eight minutes.

Cross the Suspension Bridge

If your family isn’t afraid of heights, head toCapilano Suspension Bridge Parkfor a thrilling walk in the sky. The iconic bridge stretches more than 230 feet above the Capilano River. That’s as high as the Statue of Liberty’s shoulder! Park admission also includes the new Cliffwalk which features cantilevered bridges, stairs and platforms that seem to almost magically float off the rockface.


Plan a whole day to wander through Vancouver’s斯坦利公园。在1000 +英亩的公园比中央公园大,是挤满了有趣的事情和活动。看看在展望Point Lookout的视图(和美味的核桃枫冰淇淋)。跳上微小的斯坦利公园铁路列车穿过森林轻松的旅程。不要错过在布罗克点的原住民图腾柱。他们在不列颠哥伦比亚省的游客最多的景点。


准备在可爱超载温哥华水族馆。The sea otters are the stars of the show here--although the very vocal sea lions are a can’t-miss, too. Learn about the sea creatures that call Vancouver home in the Treasures of the B.C. Coast exhibit. And don’t miss the chance to see a walrus up close at the Research Outpost habitat.

Visit Granville Island

Granville Island是一个必须为任何访客。大的室内市场is a great activity on a rainy Pacific Northwest day. And in addition to the main market, there’s a "Kids Market“糖果和魔术店,以及室内游乐区和碰碰车。


温哥华是昂贵的,但停车位昂贵。弃车跳上蓝色小轮渡运输,感觉就像一个景区游船之一。False Creek Ferriesoperates from nine docks along False Creek and connects many family-favorite attractions, from the Maritime Museum to Science World. An all-day pass is less than $20 and you can hop on and off as much as you want.

Instagram Bloedel Conservatory

Located inside Queen Elizabeth Park,Bloedel Conservatory是非常适合整个家庭。温室里住着500种多植物和120自由飞翔的鸟儿。青少年一定会喜欢的Instagrammable手掌和孩子一定会喜欢健谈的鹦鹉。


Hop in a kayak withEcomarineto tour Vancouver from a different perspective. The water in False Creek is calm and perfect for kayaking newbies. Plus, you might see the occasional seal or eagle. Kayak tours are open for ages eight and up as long as children sit in the front of a double kayak.